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UPS Air Supplement Update--Committee Returns To Louisville After Five Days of Talks With the Company
Feb 06, 2017
Mar 31, 2013
The UPS Louisville Air Supplement Negotiating Committee has returned from five days of negotiations with company officials in St. Petersburg, Florida, location of UPS National Negotiations.  Local 89, along with a number of other Teamster Locals, was asked by the IBT to send its committee to participate in talks with the company regarding unresolved supplement proposals.

Throughout the week, the Committee remained vigilant and dedicated to working toward a fair contract for the thousands of members in the UPS Air District.  While resistance from the company slowed negotiations and left much unresolved, the committee was able to come to agreement with the company on a number of important issues affecting both part-time and full-time workers.  

Though UPS remains resistant to key issues affecting the membership, your Committee remains steadfast in its resolve to reach an agreement which improves the lives of Air District Teamsters. 

A special “thank you” goes the members of the Committee who worked day and night for their fellow UPS Teamsters while missing out on valuable time with their families.  These sisters and brothers performed honorably on your behalf while never succumbing  to the pressures and stresses of negotiations. Please take the time to thank them when you see them in the workplace!  

Air Supplement talks are tentatively scheduled to resume next week in Louisville.  As talks progress we will keep you informed.

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