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Local 89 Executive Board Recommends Rejection of Proposed UPS Freight Agreement
Feb 06, 2017

May 13, 2013

The Local 89 Executive Board has recommended rejection of the proposed 2013 UPS National Freight Agreement concluding it does not meet the needs of the membership.   This recommendation was made to the membership during a meeting on Sunday, May 12 in which 37 of 110 UPS Freight Teamsters were in attendance.

Among other issues with the proposed agreement, the recommendation was based on the following:

  • The proposed agreement does not eliminate or reduce subcontracting issues.
  • A substandard “line haul” division was created in which newly hired employees would make .20 less per mile than other members. 
  • Raises are $1.40 less than what was negotiated in the UPS National Master Agreement.  Further, these raises will not begin until January 2014. 
  • There is no definitive summary plan description in the health insurance package.
  • The four year progression under the new contract is unfair.
  • There has been no improvement for casual members regarding vacation or vacation pay.
  • Panel hearings will now occur every three rather than two months.  Deadlocked grievances, including discharges, are now extended an extra month. 
  • Penalty pay was not addressed in negotiations.  Unlike members under the UPS National Master Agreement, UPS Freight Teamsters do not have the protection of penalty pay language to address payroll concerns. 

During the Sunday meeting, UPS Freight Business Agent Kevin Evans discussed changes and additions contained in the proposed agreement. Afterwards, UPS Freight stewards and several other members asked their fellow Teamsters to reject the substandard offer. In addition, members in attendance stated they would return to their workplace and ask those who were not present to vote NO on ratification.  Evans expects a similar reaction when he meets with UPS Freight members in Bowling Green later this week.  

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