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Local 89 Stewards, Agents and Executive Board Recommend NO Vote On Proposed UPS National Master Agreement and Central Region Supplement
Feb 06, 2017

May 16, 2013

In a meeting today with all Local 89 stewards from UPS Ground, Feeder, and Air divisions, the Executive Board reported its conclusion that both the UPS National Master Agreement and the Central Region Supplement were not worthy of ratification by the membership.  The announcement  was followed by a motion by the attending members to reject the two substandard agreements. The motion was unanimously approved by all 77 stewards in attendance. 

Among others issues with the proposed agreement, the following changes and additions motivated the motion to reject:


  • The raises contained in the agreement, both hourly and mileage rates, fall below the guaranteed increases in the 2008-13 Contract. 
  • There has been no solid information on how the move from the company health plans to Central States will affect members. 
  • There are no pension increases in the first four years. The fifth year contains an increase of only $5.00. 
  • The 4-year progression contained in the proposed agreement is entirely unacceptable to members moving into full-time positions.
  • The penalty pay language contained in Article 17 is concessionary, raising the dollar amount on pay shortages. 
  • There are no protections on full-time positions.
  • The starting wage continues to be substandard and continues to subject our newest members to poverty. 

  • 9.5 language falls  very short of fixing the problem and does not protect members with less than four years of seniority. 
  • The proposed Article 37 language does nothing to fix harassment issues. 
  • Article 14 language will result in job loss for members who cannot return to work in three years. 
  • The problems with Surepost have not been fully addressed.  Package Car routes will continue to be depleted. 

The changes and additions in the Central Region Supplement were also reviewed with the stewards.  Throughout the reading and explanations of the new language, there was an audible discomfort with proposed agreement.  The responses ranged from outrage to disbelief regarding the many harmful changes contained in the supplement. 

The finding of the Executive Board and the motion by the membership to reject the proposed Central Region Supplement were based on some of the following:
  • The extension of seasonals is detrimental to newly hired employees.
  • There is extremely harmful language in Article 3 where it is stated seniority will be broken if a member has reached "maximum medical improvement from an on or off the job injury or illness if at that time they still cannot perform the essential functions of job". 
  • Article 19 language on single-day vacation coverage drivers could prevent part-time members from obtaining full-time. 
  • The language changes in Article 17 are particularly harmful to the members.  Members in the Air Operations, are particularly at risk under the changes in Section (d) which make an aircraft strike, regardless of dollar amount, a terminable offense.  Prior, Local 89 followed the now removed “$4400” language contained in the Central. In addition, Changes to Section 17(i) give the Company nearly limitless power to define “other serious offenses”.   This will lead to even more members throughout the UPS system losing their jobs to an unrestrained company. 
Galvanized by the disappointment in the two proposed agreements, stewards in all divisions pledged to stand together in solidarity to support each other in their fight for  fair agreements.  Currently, the Louisville Air Rider is still being negotiated.  Talks with the Company are at a virtual standstill with the future and livelihoods of Air District Teamsters in limbo.  Throughout the room, there was a consensus among Ground and Feeder stewards that they would continue to support their Air District sisters and brothers in whatever manner necessary to deliver a fair Louisville Air Supplement. 

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