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Members Are Receiving Incorrect Ballots--If You Do Not Have the Correct Voting Materials Call Local 89 ASAP!
Feb 06, 2017

Jun 04, 2013

We are getting reports that UPS members are getting the incorrect replacement ballots from the IBT.   IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE CORRECT BALLOTS, CALL LOCAL 89 IMMEDIATELY at 502-368-5885. 

Air District Employees should have three ballots (The Air Supplement, Central Region Supplement and National Master Agreement).   Ground Employees should have two ballots  (National Master and Central Region Supplement).  You should have a copy of the changes to all three proposed agreements included in your voting packet. 

President Zuckerman has sent a letter to IBT Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall informing him of the reports Local 89 is receiving.  We are asking Ken Hall to stop the process until it can perform this simple task of ensuring every member has the correct ballots.  EVERY member has a right to fair voting process free of these continued “mistakes”. 

Please pass this information on.  Do not let yourself be denied the right to have your voices heard!  Local 89 Teamsters deserve to have their vote counted! 

Read the letter from President Zuckerman here. 

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