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A Message to UPS Teamsters From President Fred Zuckerman
Feb 06, 2017

Jun 27, 2013

Congratulations to all of our Brothers and Sisters of Local 89 for standing up against UPS and this terrible contract offer. We will continue to fight whoever stands in our way to achieve a contract we deserve. Our vote has rejected the Central Region Supplement and has protected every member in the Central Region from a terrible contract. You should be very proud of that. Air District members have sent a strong message to the Company and the IBT that we will not accept a concessionary supplement forced on us by the IBT. We have shown everyone the POWER of the VOTE. Going forward we will continue to fight until we achieve a contract we deserve.

The IBT says the National Agreement has been "ratified". That is not accurate. Although the National Agreement passed by 53% of the vote, it is NOT ratified until all of the supplements are ratified. We will continue to fight to maintain our benefits on Health Care.

For all the members in the Central Region who feel the same as we do...Local 89 saved your bacon once, join us and continue to vote NO until we succeed.

To all of our Local 89 Members...Our last NO vote was outstanding. Talk to all of your Brothers and Sisters who didn't vote and explain to them the Power of the Vote and encourage them to vote.

One last point...Rumors say Local 89 endorsed this agreement and the IBT sent a flyer stating that. Let me be perfectly clear. Local 89 did NOT endorse this agreement. Unless you hear me say that, don't take anything for granted. We had posted our Vote No recommendation on our website many weeks in advance of the IBT sending that flyer. They very well knew our position. Let's continue the fight.

In Solidarity,

President Fred Zuckerman

Teamsters Local 89
3813 Taylor Blvd
Louisville, KY 40215

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