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Local 89 Wins Back Right to Decrease Dues for UPS Part-Time Workers--New Rates to Begin in August
Feb 03, 2017

Jul 03, 2013

We are pleased to report, after four requests for waivers, Local 89 officials have now won the right to reduce dues rates to provide relief for part-time workers.    The new dues rate will go in effect in August. 

The new dues rates are as follows:

3hr at $11 and under

The dues rate will be two times the hourly rate plus $1 for the Ohio Strike Fund. 

3hr over $11

Dues will be $29 plus $1 for the Ohio Strike Fund.


Dues will be $39 plus $1 for the Ohio Strike Fund

Thank you for your understanding over the past year as we have fought to win back the right to set our UPS part-time members dues a discounted dues rate that will help them better provide for themselves and their families. We hope this will provide much needed relief to part-time workers at UPS. 

We believe this structure is fairly distributed among all classifications..   While dues may naturally increase over the coming years, we will work to ensure any increase will not have the negative economic impact as seen in last year’s forced dues increase.

In the coming days, we will be submitting a request to the IBT for it to refund Local 89 members for the additional dues amount paid as a result of the mandated increase.   We will keep you posted on the International Union’s response. 

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