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UPS UPDATE: IBT Finally Responds to Local 89 Regarding Important Legally Required Documents
Feb 06, 2017

Jul 12, 2013


IBT General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall has sent Local 89 a response to our July 3rd request for confirmation that important legal documents were filed in conjunction with the UPS Contract 30 days prior to its July 31st expiration date.    The IBT confirmed that these documents were indeed NOT filed due to what it states were “strategic reasons”.  Along with other failures, the IBT has yet to provide copies of the “60 Day Reopener” required under Article 45 of the National Master Agreement or a copy of the agreement regarding the indefinite extension Ken Hall awarded to UPS. 

Local 89 members are now left with more questions than answers.  What strategic purpose did the disregard of filing these important documents have in helping the membership?   Over the next few days, Local 89 will be seeking answers from the IBT regarding this question and others.  We will keep you posted. 

July 3rd Request

President Zuckerman's Update to the Membership

IBT/Ken Hall Response

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