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Response to Ken Hall's Latest Attempt To Discourage Member Activism at UPS
Feb 06, 2017

Jul 29, 2013

IBT Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall has issued a statement to the membership regarding the progress of UPS negotiations. Hall’s message is the National Agreement has passed and therefore healthcare is no longer an issue.   He wants all members to believe the direction of the local and regional supplements and riders will not impact health care.   Local 89 disagrees with this position. 

Ken Hall is attempting to manipulate the membership into believing the fight is over in an effort break the sprit of the Vote No Movement.  Contradictorily, Hall states the National Agreement is set in stone, yet admits the Negotiating Committee is continuing to work toward making improvements in healthcare to address members’ concerns.   If such talks are taking place, the membership and their local leadership have yet to hear any updates or details. 

Let’s be clear: the contract HAS NOT been ratified.  It WILL NOT be ratified until all supplements are democratically accepted BY THE MEMBERSHIP.  This is yet another crass move by a politically troubled Ken Hall attempting to scare and manipulate the membership into voting against their interests. Such attempts are not only disrespectful to the members, but also to the honorable office of IBT Secretary-Treasurer. 

To address another misrepresentation:  Local 89, as well as other locals around the nation, HAVE NOT re-entered negotiations.  We have yet to get any clear response on when negotiations will reconvene by Ken Hall or UPS.  But be assured, we are working diligently to prepare for negotiations when that time comes.    We will continue to pursue a fair Louisville Air Supplement as well as Central Region Supplement that the members have EARNED through their hard work and dedication. 

However many letters Ken Hall sends the members to break their resolve and determination to get a fair contract, he will continue to be met with an opposition to HIS poorly negotiated agreement and his failed leadership.

Ken Hall Letter to UPS Members

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