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VOTE NO AGAIN!--Rejection Recommended For Latest Central Region Supplement
Feb 06, 2017

Sep 07, 2013

UPS members attended meetings Sept. 7th to obtain information on the latest proposal for the Central Region Supplement and to receive a detailed explanation of recent changes to their healthcare benefits.  After hearing the changes, members in both the Ground and Air meetings unanimously accepted a motion to again VOTE NO on the Central Region Supplement.  Members in attendance pledged to mobilize their fellow workers against the new proposal ahead of the mailing of ballots on Sept. 18th.   

With an unresponsive and out-of-touch IBT Package Director Ken Hall controlling the direction of negotiations, the membership has seen only token attempts to resolve the many issues still lingering throughout the proposed Central Region Supplement.  With only two changes made to the agreement, members are angry and insulted at the audacity of the IBT in ignoring their concerns.  Only a minor adjustment was made to the extremely dangerous language contained in Article 17i, giving UPS almost unlimited power to terminate employees for anything the company deems a “serious offense”.  Local 89 members will not accept any proposal containing needless concessions aimed only at the continued appeasement of UPS by Ken Hall. 

Teamsters Local 89 members, officials, and agents do indeed acknowledge and welcome improvements to the previously negotiated benefits package.   However, the changes did not go far enough to address members’ concerns or to provide an equivalent to the current UPS Plan.  The newly modified TeamCare plan still lacks many of the key benefits members and their families have come to rely upon. These workers deserve, at the very least, a preservation of the benefits they have earned through their many years of service, dedication and hard work.  

In addition, existing TeamCare members are rightfully outraged at the creation of a “two-tier” plan providing them a lesser benefits package to other employees.  Current full-time employees under TeamCare will have an inferior plan to both part-time and new full-time employees if the package is not further modified.  It is the position of Local 89 that no UPS worker should receive lesser benefits to their fellow members.  For this agreement to move forward, the IBT must take notice of this inherently unfair treatment of current TeamCare participants and work to ensure excellent benefits for ALL members under an equal plan.   Until that time, Local 89 cannot endorse the current TeamCare plan for UPS workers. 

Teamsters Local 89 made up around 25% of all votes on the previously rejected Central Region Supplement.  With nearly 90% of our members in the Ground and Air divisions voting to reject the agreement, our voices were heard throughout the International Union.   However, the rejection of the previous proposal was not a victory resting solely on Local 89 members.  Without the solidarity and energy of members in locals throughout the Central Region, a solid rejection of the Supplement would not have occurred.  In voting to reject this latest substandard proposal, members throughout the Region will be sending yet another message to UPS/Ken Hall demanding a contract and a benefits package worthy of ratification.  If the membership is offered anything less, both can count on another sweeping victory for the Vote NO Movement.   Perhaps this time IBT Secretary-Treasurer Hall will listen. 

Ballots will be sent out on September 18th and will be due in by October 9th.  If you have moved or have not updated your address lately, please contact the Dues Office at Local 89 (502-368-5885).  If the Union Hall does not have your correct information, you will not receive a ballot. So please update your address as soon as possible. 

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