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UPS Central Passes--One Battle Lost..But Local 89 Continues To Fight!
Feb 06, 2017

Oct 12, 2013

As many of you may already know, the Central Region Supplement passed by 1593 votes. Though Local 89 members handily rejected the contract 3580 to 488, this was still was not enough to make up for the gains in “yes” votes in other locals. While Local 89 members--along with thousands of other Teamster sisters and brothers throughout the country--are understandably upset by these results, please know, this is but one battle lost in this continuing war for a just contract.

Local 89 will continue to solider on. We are still very far away from an agreement on the Louisville Air Supplement, and will continue to VOTE NO until the members receive the contract they deserve. Ken Hall’s multi-million dollar disinformation campaign might have produced results in some other locals, but as can be seen in the continuation of a very high percentage of “NO” votes, Local 89 members remain strong and committed in their solidarity against this unholy alliance between Ken Hall and UPS.

While Ken Hall will certainly celebrate this as a “victory”, he does so knowing full well he has betrayed the membership and sold-out UPS Teamsters to an increasingly hostile employer. Passing the UPS National Master Agreement with a historically low vote of 53% says very little about the caliber of Ken Hall’s leadership. Further, the continued rejection of a number of agreements today is yet another indicator of the General Secretary-Treasurer and Package Division Director's continued failure to respond to the needs of the membership. It has become evident that Ken Hall lacks the credibility necessary hold any position of power within our Union.

Perhaps Ken Hall should have seized upon the opportunity to claim a true victory for the membership by fighting for a contract that increases the standard of living for UPS Teamsters and their families. Instead, Ken Hall took the coward’s path and worked against the very members he was elected to serve. A Victory? Hardly.

Through the power of your combined voices and your unwillingness to settle for nothing less than what you have earned through your years of service, you sent an undeniable message to Ken Hall/UPS. This prompted many changes to a concessionary healthcare plan and forced Ken Hall to respond to his failure to negotiate a proper contract. This would not have been possible without your commitment to the Vote No Movement.

We still have many more battles to fight (and win!). We will accept nothing less than a fair Louisville Air Supplement. When we re-enter negotiations, the Negotiating Committee needs your support to deliver a contract worthy of UPS workers. We cannot be complacent. This fight will be against both UPS and the IBT, which, under the direction of Ken Hall, is sadly in the service of the Company.

For those of you in other locals who no longer have supplements in negotiations, it is imperative that you continue to fight. Get involved in the politics of your union. Force the IBT from the clutches of those undeserving of their office. Educate your fellow members and mobilize them against the so-called “leaders” who have forgotten the men and women who are the lifeblood of this great union. Through our combined strength, we can win back our union and place it back in the hands of its rightful owners: the membership. Do not give up. Do not give in. Your solidarity and your strength are key to the survival of YOUR union.

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