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Local 89 Files NLRB Charge Against UPS For Unfair Labor Practices
Feb 06, 2017

Mar 21, 2014

Teamsters Local 89 has filed a charge with the National Labor Relations Board against UPS for “regressive” bargaining during negotiations for the Louisville Air Supplement. The charge stems from the Company’s committing of unfair labor practices related to 6-Hour Pensions, the shuttle system and bonus, full-time progression and supplemental health benefits.

It is the position of Teamsters Local 89 that the Company has violated the National Labor Relations Act based on the following:

  • Despite a signed agreement raising the 6-hour pension contribution from $80 to $92, the Company removed this increase in its “last, best and final offer”.

  • A $1000 bonus contained in the Company’s previous proposal (submitted to the Union on May 28th of last year) was removed from the current offer.

  • Though it agreed to honor the three-year progression contained in the current Contract for 125 recently created full-time jobs, the Company has now backed away from this promise.

  • Company officials agreed to continue the supplemental benefits enjoyed by Air District part-time workers. However, UPS removed these benefits in the current proposal. Though there was word from the IBT that these benefits would be honored, Local 89 has yet to receive any confirmation or guarantees in writing.

  • The Company made a promise to add two additional x-ray machines to the guard shacks and nine more “updated” shuttles to the Worldport transportation system. This was to be done by April 1, 2014. In the Company’s latest offer, however, a new timeline was proposed moving the introduction of the new shuttles to May 1st (first six shuttles) and August 1st (last three shuttles). The timeline for installation of the new x-ray machines was also changed, moving the date to June 1st.

We will keep you informed of any further developments regarding this matter. This is yet another reason to encourage your fellow members to VOTE NO on this substandard agreement.

Teamsters Local 89
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