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After Members Shoot Down Substandard UPS Proposal By 94%, President Zuckerman Sends Letter To Ken Hall
Feb 06, 2017

Apr 14, 2014

Following the tremendous rejection of the latest Louisville Air Supplement proposal, President Zuckerman has sent a letter to IBT Secretary-Treasurer and Package Division Director Ken Hall asking him to fulfill his duty to the membership and support the thousands of Worldport Teamsters in their fight for a fair contract.  In the letter, President Zuckerman also demands that Hall file the proper paper work necessary to protect the members’ legal right to take strike action, which he clearly failed to do by last year’s filing deadline.    

Prior to the April 11th letter, President Zuckerman made several written inquiries on behalf of the membership seeking important information crucial to contract negotiations.  However, these letters and faxes were completely ignored or, at best, failed to address key issues.  We are now calling on Ken Hall to reverse this trend of failed leadership by answering the concerns of the membership and by opening true and effective dialog with the leadership of Local 89 and the Negotiating Committee.  In doing so, we can move forward toward obtaining the contract Worldport Teamsters have earned. 

Please read the letter from President Zuckerman here.

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