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Teamsters 89 Endorses McKenzie Cantrell for KY HD38
Aug 10, 2016

Aug 10, 2016

In a time of political uncertainty, it is incredibly important for the working people of Kentucky to have advocates on their side in Frankfort. The hard-working Teamsters of Kentucky deserve to have a say in what happens at our state capital.

It is for these reasons that Teamsters 89 is proud to announce we are endorsing McKenzie Cantrell (D) for State Representative in the 38th House District.

“As an employment and labor attorney, McKenzie Cantrell has a proven track record of helping Kentucky’s working families,” said Teamsters 89 Political Director Jay Dennis. “She’s devoted her life to helping working families.”

“McKenzie will be a welcome new champion in Frankfort for working people,” said Teamsters 89 President Fred Zuckerman. “Her expertise on labor and employment law is extensive. We know our members will be very well represented when she is in office.”

Teamsters 89 only selects a candidate to endorse after vetting them through interviews and questionnaires to make sure they understand the issues affecting working people. McKenzie performed above and beyond expectations. She is well versed in not only large labor issues like “Right-to-Work” and Prevailing Wage, but in the day-to-day struggles of the average worker. Her history as a labor attorney gives her a much more in-depth and understanding point of view into what sort of challenges Kentucky’s working people face than most other candidates.

Bill Miller, a Teamsters 89 member and resident in House District 38, agreed “I know she’s made a career out of defending those that are defenseless. She’s always worked for the people who need the most support, you know?”

“Here in Kentucky’s 38th district we have hundreds of hard working Teamsters men and women, and those members deserve a State Representative who they can depend on. Someone they know will fight for them,” said Teamsters 89 Communications Director Stephen Piercey, who is also a resident in HD 38. “That’s why I’m very happy that Teamsters 89 has endorsed McKenzie Cantrell, because she is that person.”

Given the challenges facing working people and their unions in Kentucky today, it is imperative that strong, pro-labor candidates like McKenzie Cantrell are elected and sent to Frankfort to defend us from out of state interests seeking to tear us down. Teamsters 89 is proud to endorse such a fighter for the working people of Kentucky.

If you live in District 38 make sure you are registered to vote and help us elect McKenzie Cantrell on November 8th!

Register here: https://vrsws.sos.ky.gov/ovrweb/

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