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COVID-19 UPS Worldport Company Response
Mar 18, 2020



Over the past several days Teamsters Local 89 UPS Air Agents have been in frequent communication with management at UPS Worldport to ask questions and ascertain what the Company is planning to do to better protect their workforce during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Below are some of the actions the Company has identified they already are or will be taking. The Company continues to explore more options in their COVID-19 response, and Teamsters Local 89 continues to aggressively push for further action by the Company to protect the health and safety of our members.

Any member who has questions about the COVID-19 response plan in their workplace is encouraged to contact their Business Agent(s), as they are the best resource for information about your specific location.

UPS Worldport - Work Areas:

  • The Company will have a dedicated housekeeper, during the active sort, assigned to each building to constantly sanitize and restock the work environment. This is in addition to the standard cleaning done before and after the sort.
  • The Company is also cleaning and disinfecting shuttles twice per day, as well as instructing shuttle drivers to disinfect all shuttle surfaces during any idle time.
  • The Company is bringing in fifteen School Buses to supplement their normal shuttles in an effort to reduce the number of workers on each shuttle. The Company hopes to also utilize these School Buses to rotate shuttles out to be sanitized more often.
  • The Company will be setting up additional walk paths to most work areas and encouraging workers to use them in an effort to further reduce the congestion on the shuttle system.
  • The Company is cleaning and sanitizing the guard shacks at least four times per day.
  • The Company is distributing a CDC recommended mixture of spray sanitizer to all internal work areas, and ramp work areas (IE: tugs, crew vans) to allow work areas and equipment to be sanitized as needed during the sort.

UPS Worldport - Workers:

  • If any worker is officially diagnosed with COVID-19, they will not be charged any occurrences for any absence relating to their diagnosis. These workers will be encouraged to apply for disability to keep pay and benefits active.
  • If any worker receives documentation from a doctor officially instructing them to quarantine as a result of exposure to COVID-19, they will not be charged any occurrences for any absence related to the quarantine. Update from TeamCare: “If a member is under a physician’s care or has been advised by a physician, teladoc or state agency to self quarantine, they will be eligible for Short Term Disability benefits. In the case of a UPS employee they still need to contact Aetna to report their disability.”
  • If workers are unable to be at work due to childcare issues related to the closure of daycare centers, they will be encouraged to file for leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
  • Immune deprived or compromised workers should obtain documentation from their primary care doctor and discuss the situation with their management team to explore their options.

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