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COVID-19 Update: UPS Members
Apr 07, 2020

Those who are seeking to utilize the two-weeks of paid sick leave negotiated between the IBT and UPS must fill out a form that is now available on UPSers.com. You can access the form, and instructions, using the following information.

Go to UPSers.com and log in – Click the “Learn More” button on the COVID-19 section located just below the main header. Once loaded, look for the “Commonly Asked Questions” section on the right-hand side of the page, and click the “Union emergency paid leave program FAQ” link located there.

At the top of this FAQ, you will see a section in green that contains a link to the request form you must fill out and instructions on where to email the form when you have completed it. Please also take the time to read through the FAQ in order to better understand the program.

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