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As ballots will mailed out on March 21st, it is important that the membership has the ability to study this concessionary "last, best and final offer".  You can view it here.  This is a scan of the document UPS submitted to the Local Negotiating Committee on Feb. 28th.   If you have any questions about this proposal, please give us a call at 502-368-5885. 

UPS "Last, Best, and Final" Feb. 28


We were informed by the IBT that Louisville Air Supplement ballots will be sent out “on, or about” Friday, March 21st. Local 89 and the Negotiating Committee are recommending a NO vote on this proposal. We believe this “offer” fails to address key issues in need of resolution and is, in fact, worse than the previously rejected proposal.

The ballot count will be conducted on April 10th. Local 89 will begin accepting requests for replacement ballots on Monday, March 31st. These requests must be faxed in by Friday, April 4 at Noon. Replacement ballots must be received at the Post Office by April 10th at 10am EST. If you have moved, please contact us ASAP at 502-368-5585 to update your address.


In its blind arrogance, UPS is once again attempting to force through a dangerously substandard Louisville Air Supplement.  Local 89 was informed this week that a proposal submitted by UPS on Feb. 28, was intended by the company to be a “last, best and final offer” and will be sent out for a vote by the membership.

This “offer” is essentially unchanged from the previous proposal, which was soundly rejected by a staggering 89% of Air District voters.  As in the rejected agreement, UPS has again failed to properly address key issues such as the broken shuttle system, full-time jobs, healthcare, 6-hour pensions and subcontracting. One very noticeable distinction from the prior proposal, however, is the removal of the $1000 “incentive” bonus.  


Teamsters Local 89 is urging the membership to VOTE NO on this latest attempt by UPS to force through a substandard contract.  Though we do not have the date in which ballots will be sent to the membership, it is of extreme importance that all members stay informed and engaged in this process.  Further, we encourage all members to educate our newest sisters and brothers in the importance of voting down this potentially catastrophic proposal.


The Company’s proposal fails to properly address the following issues:

  • The Shuttle Problem”

President Zuckerman and the Air Supplement Negotiating Committee have worked tirelessly to provide creative and practical solutions to the ever-increasing problems with shuttle transportation at Worldport.However, UPS has only made trivial attempts in their proposals to reduce the many unpaid hours its employees lose to an ill-equipped tram system. It is no surprise that UPS sees no problem with the shuttle system.Upper management drive their luxury vehicles to their offices in Worldport, while thousands of workers--including its supervisors and administration employees--are forced into dangerously overcrowded and inefficient shuttles.

  • Healthcare

The outcry against the reduction of healthcare benefits resulted in the rejection of several supplements throughout the nation. In an attempt to pass the rejected supplements (including the massive Central Region Supplement), UPS/Ken Hall was forced to modify the initial Teamcare plan.While improvements were made, the plan remained concessionary. Part-time employees and their families have been subjected to particular financial burdens as the conversion to Teamcare will bring greater out-of-pocket costs.

President Zuckerman and the Local 89 Executive Board have been particularly responsive to the concerns of the membership.The Local 89 Negotiating Committee has continually pursued guarantees in its Air Supplement proposals that would minimize costs and offset negative outcomes in the transfer to Teamcare.To be expected, the Company has taken a “washed hands” position regarding healthcare and remains callously indifferent to the needs of its employees and their families.

  • Full-Time Jobs

The Local 89 Negotiating Committee offered a proposal that would create 250 more full-time jobs over the life of the Agreement.Fifty of these jobs would be created per each year of the Contract.This would prevent a situation in which the Company could stall the bidding of jobs until the end of the Agreement.Of each of these annual fifty jobs, ten per year would be created as Monday through Friday “day shift” positions.

The addition of 250 new full-time jobs will bring positive change to the lives of a sizable portion of the workforce.Many other members would benefit from movement to 6-hour and more desirable 3-hour positions created by the jobs vacated by newly promoted full-time workers.

However, the Company is only willing to create fifty full-time jobs over the life of the Agreement. Essentially, UPS has affirmed it is perfectly content in restraining employees’ efforts to create better lives for themselves and their families.This is further proof UPS is not only indifferent to, but in fact promotes perpetual part-time poverty.

  • Full-time Disability

In an effort to secure a “yes” vote on the Central Region and other supplements, new members of Teamcare (those who would be moved from existing company plans) were promised superior benefits. Newly promoted full-time and current part-time employees would receive a benefit of 60% of their pay up to $500 per week, while current full-time employees would receive only $300 per week in disability pay.Local 89 has taken a firm stand against this “tiered” disability plan, believing it disproportionately penalizes existing full-time employees.

The Company rejected the opportunity to address this issue so vital to the financial and physical well being of its employees.Local 89 will hold firm in its insistence that current full-time members should enjoy equal benefits to their co-workers.

  • Subcontracting

Local 89 submitted a number of proposals that would dramatically decrease the Company’s use of subcontractors. UPS has a highly professional workforce that is exceedingly qualified to perform nearly every job necessary in the Air District.However, the Company continues to shift union work to outside contractors.

Limiting subcontracting will generate more full-time opportunities and will encourage movement in the part-time ranks.Further, UPS will have the accountability and dedication to service only possible through those with a vested interest in the success of the Company.

  • Safety

Over the course of negotiations, Local 89 has submitted several proposals related to safety.Two major issues UPS has refused to truly address in its latest proposal, involve incidents related to faulty dolly and tug hitches as well as damaged casters and ball mats in the buildings.

Despite having been cited by OSHA for issues related to tugs and dollies, UPS has refused to accept language that will prevent the unjust firing of our members in incidents resulting from the Company’s faulty equipment. Had UPS adhered to OSHA’s recommendations and installed safer locking mechanisms on its equipment, there would have been no need to further discuss these matters in negotiations.

The replacement of damaged casters and ball mats in the building has been a lingering issue for years.While our stewards and safety committees have continually brought attention to the problem, the Company refuses to provide the extra time to its maintenance employees necessary to replace damaged and worn casters and ball mats.

We have submitted workable solutions establishing a firm timeline on the replacement of this equipment.However, UPS has refused to address this in its proposals, instead choosing the “bottom line” over the health of its employees.

  • 6-Hour Pensions

During negotiations, UPS “unilaterally” changed the existing 6-hour pension plan, gutting retiree benefits for long-term employees.Local 89 took swift action through the grievance process, various legal avenues, and in Air Supplement negotiations.

Sadly, UPS has not only attempted to blackmail its employees into accepting a dangerously substandard agreement, but it has also presented a “plan” that is terribly deficient in providing the level of benefits promised to its 6-hour workers.UPS has manufactured a problem and is wanting to you accept a substandard agreement to fix it.


UPS, once again, has done a great disservice to its employees, customers and stockholders by failing to properly address the issues necessary to secure an agreement worthy of ratification by the membership. The Company’s current and future success hinges on the hard work of its employees in the Worldport Operation, yet it recklessly puts its longevity in jeopardy through its blind greed.  The reputation of UPS as a robust and healthy company is moving in downward trajectory through its continued attacks on its employees and indifference to the concerns of its customers.  


UPS/Ken Hall will undoubtedly pull out all the stops to sell this concessionary proposal.  The latest high-dollar PR from the IBT sent to voters in other locals across the nation attempts to convince the members that they should accept their respective supplements to receive a “retro check” for their .70 raises.  While it is certainly understandable that members want their back pay as soon as possible, there are a few things all voters should be aware of prior to casting a catastrophic “yes” vote. 

  • The benefits, wages and workplace rights you will gain if you VOTE NO are immensely greater than the amount of your retro check.  Do not choose short-term gain over long-term security. 
  • There are still other supplements preventing ratification.  If you vote to accept the Agreement, there is no guarantee you will receive your pay anytime soon.  As long as others around the nation continue to vote down their area supplements, the National Contract will not be ratified and no checks will be issued. 
  • This is your money and you have a right to it.  All of this money is guaranteed to you under the Contract.  You will not lose your check if you VOTE NO. 
  • The retro check will most likely be taxed at 40%, as it has been previous contract ratifications.  This reduces the level of “take home” pay each employee receives. 


Apr 25, 2014 - To Members of Local 89 employed in UPS Air District:   As was posted yesterday, Local 89 questions the legitimacy, legal basis and IBT Constitutional authority to force a contract upon the remaining 3 supplements and riders in the way that it did.
Apr 24, 2014 - UPS Air District Teamsters: Rest assured that the leaders and administration of Local 89 have begun to diligently pursue all viable options in response to yesterday’s unilateral decision by the IBT to impose the UPS final offer. The same offer you resoundingly rejected by 94%. This unprecedented move by the IBT is comes as a shock to all of us.
Apr 14, 2014 - Following the tremendous rejection of the latest Louisville Air Supplement proposal, President Zuckerman has sent a letter to IBT Secretary-Treasurer and Package Division Director Ken Hall asking him to fulfill his duty to the membership and support the thousands of Worldport Teamsters in their fight for a fair contract.
Apr 10, 2014 - Worldport Teamsters have soundly rejected the latest proposed Louisville Air Supplement by new record of 94%! In a vote of 2804 to 185, the members have sent a very clear message that they will settle for nothing less than a contract that rewards and recognizes all the hard work and dedication they have invested in the Company’s continued success.
Mar 21, 2014 - Andy Marshall has joined Tim Bunstine of Joint Council 28 in a “form letter” attack on the members of Local 89, Local 623 and those covered under the Western PA Supplement.
Mar 21, 2014 - Teamsters Local 89 has filed a charge with the National Labor Relations Board against UPS for “regressive” bargaining during negotiations for the Louisville Air Supplement. The charge stems from the Company’s committing of unfair labor practices related to 6-Hour Pensions, the shuttle system and bonus, full-time progression and supplemental health benefits.
Jan 12, 2014 - Local 89 members voted overwhelmingly this weekend to reject the latest proposed UPS Freight agreement.  In a very sizable turn out of 79% of eligible voters, 92 voted no and just 7 voted yes.   The voting was conducted at two separate meetings in Bowling Green and Louisville.
Oct 12, 2013 - As many of you may already know, the Central Region Supplement passed by 1593 votes. Though Local 89 members handily rejected the contract 3580 to 488, this was still was not enough to make up for the gains in “yes” votes in other locals.
Oct 01, 2013 - VOTE NO UPDATE... President Fred Zuckerman and Local 89 are featured in the Wall Street Journal: "Union Rift Poses Test for UPS Despite Teamsters Deal, Company Is Still in Talks With Local Units as Peak Shipping Season Nears United Parcel Service Inc. UPS +0.
Sep 19, 2013 - Acting in the interest of thousands of UPS Teamsters across the country, President Fred Zuckerman has made it a top priority to push for more enhancements to the current TeamCare plan offered under the National Master Agreement. In doing so, the hope is to obtain similar benefits to those that members are currently receiving under the UPS Company plan.
Sep 12, 2013 - In response to questions by the membership, we are providing a "Q & A" to help address membership concerns regarding the UPS Contract and healthcare.  If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact us.
Sep 07, 2013 - UPS members attended meetings Sept. 7th to obtain information on the latest proposal for the Central Region Supplement and to receive a detailed explanation of recent changes to their healthcare benefits.  After hearing the changes, members in both the Ground and Air meetings unanimously accepted a motion to again VOTE NO on the Central Region Supplement.
Aug 22, 2013 - Teamsters Local 89 strongly condemns UPS’s latest attack on the healthcare benefits of its non-union workforce.   We believe this is yet another shameful move by the Company to maximize profits at great expense to its employees and their families.
Aug 20, 2013 - Local 89 has received reports that an agreement has been reached in the second round of negotiations for the Central Region Supplement.
Aug 09, 2013 - Today, President Zuckerman, Secretary-Treasurer Bolton and Local 89 business agents met with UPS officials to lay out details and ground rules to re-enter negotiations.  Three days of talks were agreed to beginning on Tuesday of next week.
Jul 29, 2013 - IBT Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall has issued a statement to the membership regarding the progress of UPS negotiations. Hall’s message is the National Agreement has passed and therefore healthcare is no longer an issue.   He wants all members to believe the direction of the local and regional supplements and riders will not impact health care.
Jul 19, 2013 - Teamsters Local 89 has submitted a request for confirmation that the IBT submitted important legal documents prior to the expiration of the UPS Freight Agreement. UPS Freight members have great concerns regarding the next step in the negotiation process and if their legal right to strike will be preserved if talks extend past the contract’s July 31st expiration date.
Jul 12, 2013 - UPDATE TO YESTERDAY’S MESSAGE TO THE MEMBERS: IBT General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall has sent Local 89 a response to our July 3rd request for confirmation that important legal documents were filed in conjunction with the UPS Contract 30 days prior to its July 31st expiration date.
Jul 11, 2013 - Please read President Zuckerman’s VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE to the membership regarding this investigation. In addition, please review the July 3rd request to IBT General President James Hoffa and General Secretary Treasurer Ken Hall asking them to provide confirmation these crucial documents were filed.
Jun 29, 2013 - In yet another move by the IBT and UPS to silence the voice of Teamster members, the current contract has been extended indefinitely until all supplements, rider and addenda are ratified. In other words, the International Union has essentially given away the members' right to strike.
Jun 27, 2013 - Congratulations to all of our Brothers and Sisters of Local 89 for standing up against UPS and this terrible contract offer. We will continue to fight whoever stands in our way to achieve a contract we deserve. Our vote has rejected the Central Region Supplement and has protected every member in the Central Region from a terrible contract. You should be very proud of that.
Jun 24, 2013 - In a smashing victory the VOTE NO! Movement has prevailed.  The Louisville Air Supplement and Central Region Supplement have both been resoundingly rejected by the membership.  While the National Master has passed, the rejections of the Air and Central supplements are an enormous victory for Local 89 members.
Jun 22, 2013 - These are totals from our observers at the UPS ballot count in Maryland.  These are subject to change.
Jun 08, 2013 - In a new low for UPS, management has sent letters to parents of Metro-College students in an attempt to get them to “encourage” their children to cast ballots in favor of the contract(s). Teamsters Local 89 STRONGLY CONDEMNS UPS and Company Vice President Mike Nepaul for their repugnant attempt to manipulate Worldport families.
Jun 04, 2013 - We are getting reports that UPS members are getting the incorrect replacement ballots from the IBT.   IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE CORRECT BALLOTS, CALL LOCAL 89 IMMEDIATELY at 502-368-5885.  Air District Employees should have three ballots (The Air Supplement, Central Region Supplement and National Master Agreement).
May 29, 2013 - Many of you will be receiving a letter from IBT Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall regarding the dues increase HE imposed last Summer.  This is nothing more than a political ploy aimed at turning the membership against their local leadership and to distract you from the substandard UPS contracts he Chaired in negotiations.
May 25, 2013 - Throughout the past week, hundreds of UPS members from the Air and Ground divisions have attended a series of contract explanation meetings at Teamsters Local 89.  Throughout each meeting, all changes and additions contained in the proposed National Master Agreement and Central Region Supplement, were throughly reviewed with those in attendance.
May 25, 2013 - On Friday Night, May 24, sisters and brothers from both the Air and Ground divisions showed their solidarity by standing together to inform their fellow members of upcoming contract vote on the proposed National Master Agreement and Central Region Supplement. In just three hours, volunteers handed out over 4000 leaflets to Next Day Air workers at every entrance to the Air District.
May 17, 2013 - There will be CONTRACT EXPLANATION meetings for UPS Air Employees on Thursday May 23rd, 2013 at Teamsters Local 89 at 3813 Taylor Blvd., Louisville, KY 40215.  There will be two meetings: 4:00pm for Next Day Air members 7:30pm for 2Day Air members Please make the time to attend this highly important meeting.
May 16, 2013 - In a meeting today with all Local 89 stewards from UPS Ground, Feeder, and Air divisions, the Executive Board reported its conclusion that both the UPS National Master Agreement and the Central Region Supplement were not worthy of ratification by the membership.  The announcement  was followed by a motion by the attending members to reject the two substandard agreements.
May 13, 2013 - The Local 89 Executive Board has recommended rejection of the proposed 2013 UPS National Freight Agreement concluding it does not meet the needs of the membership.   This recommendation was made to the membership during a meeting on Sunday, May 12 in which 37 of 110 UPS Freight Teamsters were in attendance.
Mar 31, 2013 - The UPS Louisville Air Supplement Negotiating Committee has returned from five days of negotiations with company officials in St. Petersburg, Florida, location of UPS National Negotiations.  Local 89, along with a number of other Teamster Locals, was asked by the IBT to send its committee to participate in talks with the company regarding unresolved supplement proposals.
UPDATE Feb. 15, 2013: The negotiating committee for the 2013 Louisville Air Supplement met with UPS officials today to discuss a range of proposals including transfers, double-shifting and vacations. Talks continue to move slowly with the company devoting little time to "face-to-face" meetings with the union.
Jan 07, 2013 - UPDATE: Louisville Air Rider Negotiations A second round of talks for the UPS Air Supplement began Monday, Jan. 7 with negotiations tentatively scheduled throughout the month. To stay updated throughout the process of negotiations, please register on www.teamsters.com for emails and texts.

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