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  • "Q & A" for UPS Members Regarding Contract and Healthcare
    Updated On: Feb 37, 2017

    Sep 12, 2013

    In response to questions by the membership, we are providing a "Q & A" to help address membership concerns regarding the UPS Contract and healthcare.  If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact us. 

    Q.  The IBT says I have to vote yes to get my raise. Is this true?

    A.  This is what you would consider a “half-truth”, which is about as truthful as UPS/Ken Hall get these days. The truth is, you will get every bit of your raise dating back to August 1st, when the National contract is ratified.  Until then, we advise you to keep track of all your hours to make sure you do not get shorted when back pay issued.

    Q.  I’d really like to have the money now.  If I vote no, I’ll just have to wait even longer.  Why shouldn’t I just vote for the contract?

    A.  You will get your raises in the form of a back pay check.  The worst thing you can do is vote in a substandard contract just to get your raise now.  These are the conditions and health insurance plan you have to live under for the next 5 years.  If you vote no, you will continue to put pressure on UPS/Ken Hall to do the right thing and come to an agreement you deserve for all your hard-work. 

    Q.  The IBT is says the issues with TeamCare have been fixed and I should vote yes on the Supplement.  Is this true?

    A.  No.  While there have been advancements in the benefits package, we are still far from a plan equivalent to the UPS plan.  As it currently stands, members will incur many more out-of-pocket expenses and less coverage if they are moved into TeamCare.  We must continue the fight until this is fixed.

    Q.  The new healthcare plan has a lot of good improvements.  Why should I continue to vote no? 

    A.  It is true; there have been a lot of improvements in the benefits plan.  But we need to remember, the original plan that was offered was seriously lacking on all levels.  Through the Vote NO Movement, the IBT had no choice but to negotiate a better plan for the members.  However, they still haven’t finished the job.  UPS/Ken Hall is now engaged in a propaganda campaign to get you to accept substandard contracts through scare tactics and half-truths.   Keep voting no and force UPS/Ken Hall to finally put the well-being of the members first.

    Q.  I’m a full-timer in the Air District.  As an existing member of TeamCare, I’ve heard that I will have fewer benefits than new members entering the plan.  How can the IBT see this as fair?

    A.  This isn’t fair.  Prior to the movement of all UPS union employees to Teamcare, members already in the plan accepted they were going into a different plan as a condition of taking a full-time job.  This is no longer the case.  Contingent on ratification, all UPS union workers will be under the same insurance provider.   To give one group of employees a lesser level of coverage is simply unfair.  All members deserve the excellent healthcare they have earned through their hard work and service. 

    Q.  Does my UPS Insurance stay the same if I continue to Vote NO and the National isn’t ratified?

    A.  Yes.  With the contract extension, you will remain in the UPS plan.  The move to TeamCare would only come after the National Contract is ratified.  Until the contract is ratified, you will continue to keep the insurance you currently have.  

    Q.  I hear a lot about healthcare.  What about all the other problems with the Central Region Supplement?

    A.  UPS/Ken Hall are using every tactic possible to get you to accept a sell-out contract.  They are now using healthcare and the raises to manipulate the membership into accepting a contract that is extremely harmful. 

    When the Central was voted down last time, the IBT should have taken notice and worked to fix the issues.  Instead, they made two minor modifications and considered negotiations complete.  This is simply unacceptable.  The issues in the Central Region proposal will cause great deterioration of members’ rights and job security.    

    9.5 and 8-hour days have not been addressed along with dangerous language contained in Article 17 which gives almost unlimited power to the company to fire employees for any reason.  The Central also puts Air District members’ jobs in great jeopardy if they work around Aircraft. 

    Q.  How many times do we have to vote? 

    A.  As you know, members in the Air District are under three agreements: the National Master Agreement, the Central Region Supplement, and the Louisville Air Supplement.  In the Ground District, members are under the National Master Agreement and the Central Region.  The National Master passed, however the Central Region and the Louisville Air Supplement were both voted down.  The next round of voting will be for the Central Region.  You should continue to vote no until you get the contract you have earned and deserve.

    Q.  What about the Louisville Air Supplement?

    The Louisville Air Supplement is currently being negotiated.  UPS continues to disregard the needs of the membership despite 89% of members voting against company’s last failed attempt to shove through a substandard Supplement.  By voting NO against the Central, we are sending out an even greater message that the members will not tolerate anything less than a contract that is fair and just. 

    Q.  The IBT and UPS are saying the contract is ratified.  Why are we voting again?

    A.  UPS/Ken Hall say a lot of things.  Unfortunately they aren’t always true.  The National is not ratified until all supplements are voted in.  Changes can still be made if the IBT listens to the members and choose to act in their interests.  Ken Hall said insurance was a “done deal” a couple of months back, yet we now have improvements.   These enhancements were a direct result of pressure from YOU, the member.  We’re half way there.  Let’s keep voting NO until they get it right. 

    Q Currently we only have to punch the clock once a month to get our insurance as part-timers.  Full-timers who are currently under TeamCare have to punch the clock once a week to get their benefits paid.  Will we have to do the same if we go under TeamCare?

    A.  Yes, to have your healthcare paid for the week under TeamCare, you will have to punch the clock at least once during that week.  Otherwise, you may be responsible to make payments yourself.  The “one punch rule” does not apply to approved leaves such as vacation and FMLA and certain other circumstances. 

    Q. What can I do to help?

    A.  First, talk to your co-workers and encourage them to Vote No!  Second, contact us at Local 89 (502-368-5885) for volunteer opportunities. We need help on all fronts to put pressure on the Company and the IBT to deliver the contract UPS Teamsters deserve.  The victories of the Vote No Movement were a direct result of members like you working to make sure their voices were heard.  Victory isn’t possible without member involvement.  You are the union.  You are union power. 

    Q. I need more info.  Where do I go to get it?

    A. For more information, please register at www.teamsters89.com, like us a www.facebook.com/teamsters89, or follow us at www.twitter.com/teamsters89. 

    Signing up for our text-messaging program is also very important.  If you are in the Ground divisions text GROUND to 77948.  If you are in the Air division, text AIRUPDATES to 77948. 

    You should also check the union boards in your area/center for periodic updates.  And of course, feel free to call us at 502-368-5885 or talk to your steward or business agent at your workplace for even more information. 

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