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    Updated On: Sep 30, 2017



    The American citizens of Puerto Rico have been devastated by Hurricane Maria. Over 90% of the island inhabitants are still without power, and families are in desperate need of help.

    Many supplies are already on the ground in Puerto Rico, but the local government has no way of moving these supplies to those in need of them due to a lack of qualified drivers.

    Teamsters Local 89, in conjunction with the IBT and AFL-CIO, is asking for ten of our members or retirees to volunteer to be sent to Puerto Rico to help our fellow citizens in need. Many men, women, and children on the island will die if help does not arrive quickly.

    What you need:


    Military experience is preferred, but not required

    Must be able to handle a very tough environment

    What will happen:

    Those who volunteer will need to leave Tuesday (10-3-17) for Newark, New Jersey where United Airlines has donated a flight to Puerto Rico for volunteers which is scheduled to leave on Wednesday (10-4-17).

    You will be staying in Puerto Rico for 14 days and will be driving supplies to various locations on the island.

    Volunteers will be provided a cot to sleep on in a local stadium.

    Teamsters Local 89 will arrange to have you taken off work for union leave, and will cover you for the wages you lose during this time. You will not be required to use any vacation or personal time.

    Make no mistake, this will be a very difficult task. Volunteers will be living in harsh conditions in a tough environment. However, the sacrifice you make for a couple weeks of discomfort could be the difference between life and death for the families of Puerto Rico.

    Time is very short to get this all put together. If you are interested in volunteering please message us immediately. If you know someone who might be interested, please talk to them and send us their information.

    Email to: spiercey@teamsters89.com

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